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Your corporate and business headshots are your client’s first impression of you. We’ll create images you love – Guaranteed!


In Your Office

Our headshot photographer comes to your office and constructs an on-site studio. Your team are photographed individually and are back to work in no time.


Specialist in office photography

Epic Photography can come to you!


On Location

If your office is a construction site, a vineyard or a server room, then our photographer will travel to the setting that represents you best and create your images on site.


Specialist in on location photography

Epic Photography can organise the perfect locsation for your corporate headshot.


In Our Studio

Epic Photography has its own studio space available for your corporate headshot.


Epic Photography studio space

Epic Photography can organise the perfect locsation for your corporate headshot.

Corporate Headshots Melbourne Photographer: Mark Fitzgerald

About Me

For over 10 years I’ve been creating images of people,
capturing the mood, attitude and essence of an individual;
preserving that aesthetic and feeling for future observation.

G’day!  I’m Mark.

I’m a proud and loving father and husband (my 1yo is on my lap as I type this) and also a drummer. I’m a bit of a nerd and for you, hopefully, I’m a photographer 🙂

From the first image I ever took on my Kodak 155x Instamatic camera, I was in love. I was 8 years old and the click of the shutter, the pop of the 4-sided disposable flash… it was magic.
I no longer have to wait for my prints to be mailed back to me, but the process is still exciting.  I love helping people to extract their best, and then to harness that and store it in an image.

This job lets me combine two of my loves: image creation and people.  That I am privileged to meet new people daily and work with them in such a personal way is something I truly appreciate.
My team and I look forward to helping you do the same, so if you like my images, and if you think I’m the right person to create your corporate portraits, let’s chat!



Our productivity has gone up since our about us page now features Mark's pics. Also my bank account has more money and my iphone screen uncracked. Best photographer ever.

Christina Hardy | Marketing Manager – Red Inc.

I never knew I could look this good. Five stars, dude, like unreal, man. My linkedin is now getting me dates I look so good.

Mark Anthony | CEO – WikiMedia

Wow, if I'd seen these reviews I would have come for a portrait session ages ago. Just great images. Will be back fo' sho'.

Jane Bennett | Developer – Hubboard Media

Best corporate headshots in Melbourne by FAR! Totally awesome guy, super helpful and way hot. Totes coming back next year.

Jessica Lee | CFO – Creative Space Inc.


Is your image dark and brooding or bright and friendly? Is it something specific to your profession or should it look generically appealing? It’s important to think about how you see yourself and how you want your customers to perceive you. Would it be better to appear powerful and aloof or would your clients respond better to personable and smiley?

Only you know for sure, but we can help achieve whichever corporate image you would like to portray.

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